We deal with a wide variety of disputes relating to insurance policies, for both consumers and businesses. We are the only solicitor endorsed by Broker Network (a network of over 600 independent insurance brokers) in England and Wales for insurance disputes encountered by their members’ clients. Our experience includes:

  • Fire Insurance Claims : An individual or business suffers a double catastrophe if an insurance claim is declined following a fire. We have successfully recovered compensation for clients following allegations of non-disclosure, fraud, breach of warranties and policy conditions.
  • Health Insurance Claims : We have represented numerous individuals to recover payments under disputed critical illness, income protection and other health related insurance policies. Such disputes often involve allegations of non-disclosure at the proposal stage or challenges to the applicability of symptoms in triggering claims.
  • Motor Insurance : We have dealt with disputes relating to stolen vehicles where a policy has not paid out, sometimes in situations where keys have been left in cars or other policy terms allegedly breached.
  • Commercial Insurance : We have dealt with a variety of insurance disputes affecting businesses who have encountered problems with insurance policies including Directors and Officers Policies, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Legal Expenses and General Commercial Insurance.
  • Third Party Claims : Where an insurance policy has not paid out, we can advise on and progress alternative claims to recover compensation including claims against professionals or third parties responsible for the loss.