We have a wide experience of claims and complaints relating to the financial services industry including :

  • Investment portfolios : We have recovered substantial compensation for clients arising from negligent investment advice and / or portfolio management.
  • Interest Rate Hedging Products: We were at the forefront of claims and complaints about Interest Rate Hedging Products sold to small businesses up to around 2010. We recovered over £30 million in compensation for our clients through the FOS, the Courts and the FCA Review into Interest Rate Hedging. We continue to deal with some consequential loss claims and other ancillary issues although the majority of these matters have now been finalised.
  • Mortgages : We have dealt with complaints arising from breach of the Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules (MCOBS).
  • Commercial Loans : We have wide experience of advising on complaints and claims relating to loan arrangements including fixed rate loans, tailored business loans and EFG loans.
  • Banking Relationships : Our bespoke approach to claims make us ideally suited to advise on problems with banking relationships in a commercially sensitive and cost efficient manner.
  • Complaints we have dealt with include referrals to a bank’s “special situations” department and losses arising, complaints relating to lending decisions, interpretation of loan terms including alleged covenant breaches, data protection breaches, appointment of Receivers and similar.