Launch of Pension Legal Solutions

Claire Collinson Legal have launched a new and unique scheme called Pensions Legal Solutions aimed at providing specialist legal advice and representation at an affordable cost for consumers who have been affected by the proliferation of poor advice and lack of consumer protection in the pensions sector leading to the loss of valuable pension benefits for individuals built up over many years.

Many people have valid claims or complaints to make but working out who is at fault and how best to pursue a claim or complaint can be daunting without guidance:

  • It is difficult to identify which business has been at fault – a financial adviser, a pension provider, a trustee?
  • What can be done if a business has gone insolvent or is based overseas?
  • Has an inappropriate pension transfer taken place or is the pension invested in assets which were unsuitable?
  • What is the level of loss, possibly including future losses?
  • Which is the best route to secure compensation?

Full details of the scheme are available here but in essence this is a two staged process whereby an initial legal report is provided for a fixed cost. This is designed to equip people to pursue a complaint themselves. If further representation is needed, different options are available. Crucially, the scheme enables people to make an informed choice about whether to make a claim and if so, by what means.

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